Columbus, Ohio Dispatch…Headline is TRUE today…Back Home and Still Not Caught UP, 2 New Assistants

Henry is Back to Work too!

Henry is Back to Work too!

Another Assistant

Another Assistant

Back from trip to California by way of Philadelphia…and I must say I worked most of the time…I feel a little guilty complaining as I used to worry that my Second Career as a Realtor might not be the right choice. So picture me in California at Napa, with my watch set on Ohio time, concerned about meeting all deadlines. Top it off with using Andi’s laptop…not a PC but a MAC… I have never dreamed I could be this busy. Yes, the market has changed. Today’s local paper features a story about a Realtor stuffing flyers in mailboxes, asking the owners to contact her if they are interested in selling their homes. Today, I was writing my request…I have a cash buyer that wants to buy a ranch house for his parents in their neighborhood…the area where he grew up. They currently live in a two-story and can’t even think of leaving the friends and neighbors they have enjoyed over the years…so tomorrow, I will be stuffing mailboxes too. If you want to sell, now is the time. Almost all of my listings are sold. There is only a small inventory left on the market. Interest rate is still low to buy. Contact me if you are interested in selling…most of my business is buyers and I need some merchandise!

I thought of my Father on my vacation with our family. He had a dairy processing plant and his mind never left the business…did a driver show up, was a cooler broken, did a machine break down in the plant, and the list went on. I love owning my own business…but you truly never leave the business behind. As my Father used to say, you have to provide service to your customers if you want to stay in business. I do love my clients…only work for “nice” people!


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