Westerville UPTOWN Coming BACK…Columbus, Ohio REALTOR

My NEW Treasure...EL HOME  www.edwinloy.com

My NEW Treasure…EL HOME http://www.edwinloy.com

Love this new little store at 12 West College Avenue, Westerville, Ohio. I purchased this scale today…saw it yesterday and had to go back today. Amy Winter, the owner of EL HOME….so much fun to talk with. She has several wood pieces that she has painted with Annie Sloan Paints. Found out about this paint from my sister-in-law, Patti Schmitt. She has been painting up a storm…adorable, interesting pieces for inside and out. Right now, the closest shop that sells this amazing product is in the Short North area…but WAIT…soon to be in Westerville if Amy Winter moves to a larger store front on STATE STREET in Westerville and purchases The Annie Sloan Paint line. This paint is addictive…I have so many plans… I also stopped at Abbey Rose, 21 North State Street, Westerville..Patrica Withers, the owner shared they are planning an Evening PREVIEW, 5-8, May 2 and OPEN HOUSE, 10-5, on May 3 and 4. So what did I find…a green topiary at a very good price…..and I certainly needed this…

Moving right along, I watched an interesting Book Review on the Today Show earlier this week…have to chat about this one. CARRY ON WARRIOR by Glennom Doyle Melton. Loved listening to this young MOM talk about Motherhood. She shared that almost everywhere she goes with her young children, someone will say, “enjoy this moment, this is the best time of your life, and so on”. I do remember my very own mother saying that to me a few years ago. Picture this, George traveling, me teaching, and having two involved, young girls with a variety of interests. The week would go something like this: Sunday: What do you need for the week? Poster board, new tights, book covers, party favors for school, etc.
Monday-Friday: Select your clothes, complete your homework and put in backpack, pack any dance shoes, leotard, sports equipment…and put everything in the car…after school, taxi starts…my favorite drug…high test coffee and away we go.
And each night, George called after a nap in his hotel room, dinner in a restaurant, and reading his latest new book…oh the life…..and all three of his girls reported the day’s events.
There were those days…I wondered how…and of course, I would hear, “Enjoy every moment…they will grow up.” Well, they did grow up…and learned to be independent and responsible. And that time did pass…so fast and seems so long ago. And I am pretty sure, actually very sure… I just said something like “ENJOY this Time” to a young mom…probably several of my clients…I wonder what they were thinking. Enjoy Glennom’s Blog.

WHITE DOG Cafe…a restaurant created and decorated by the owners of Anthropology….in the same little town as the original Anthropology…Wayne, PA. where Emily took me a few weeks ago. We went for drinks as we hit several of her favorite places…so adorable…decor is formal portraits of dogs…with all kinds of fun stuff hanging from the ceiling…If you ever get to Wayne, PA….GO!!!

It you would like a 10% coupon for LOWES, send me your contact info, and I will send you one through LOWES REALTOR BENEFITS program. Also, if you live in the Central OHIO area and what to list your house, contact me…..not much out there, inventory is low, and so is the competition.

Enough chatter…ENJOY the weather…Spring is coming to Central OHIO this weekend.



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2 responses to “Westerville UPTOWN Coming BACK…Columbus, Ohio REALTOR

  1. Susan

    Hi Emma –

    I’m very interested in the Annie Sloan paints – as I am on the lookout for unique paint to use in my wedding business. I’ll have to stop in the new shop. In the meantime, I wouldn’t mind having one of the Lowe’s coupons. SGebby24@gmail.com. Right now I use some of Martha Stewart paints.

    I just told a young mom yesterday “enjoy this time – the days are long but the years are short”!!!! I fully relate to the busy life you had with the girls – same here – Karl would work from 7 to 9 or 10 pm most nights (Farm Bureau) and I would do everything else!!!! But the results were worth it!

    Take care –

  2. Hi Emma!
    The scale looks great! I will keep you posted on my move and the addition of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to EL Home!


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