NEW Family Tradition Evolves…And Everything is Coming UP ANNIE Sloane Colors

Wine caddy...well it used to be for tools.  Annie Sloane Paint and Black Stencil...

Wine caddy…well it used to be for tools. Annie Sloane Paint and Black Stencil…

Anne Sloane Paint...Once it goes outside...Old Chemistry, School Table...

Anne Sloane Paint…Once it goes outside…Old Chemistry, School Table…

Wine bottle wrapped in page of old book...old flash card is the NO.2.

Wine bottle wrapped in page of old book…old flash card is the NO.2.

Sometimes…it just feels so good to get the creative juices flowing. I was so excited about Annie Sloane paint…visit OLD WORLD, NEW HOME…and you will be too…I just had to paint on Sunday.
I purchased this old school table last Spring at the Springfield Flea Market…..Coming SOON! MAY 17, 18, 19. It was outside all last year in my garden complete with student names carved on the top. This year, I gave it a quick coat of paint. Can’t wait to put it outside. I also diluted the paint with some water and kind of washed the chairs. And then I painted an old box from my garden. I think I will wrap some wine bottles with old sheet music…add some candles…borrowed this idea from a shop in Clintonville…I find the best little places when I am out on listings, changing signs, replacing brochures, etc…and I just have to stop.

UPDATE on Family VACATION. Last Christmas, George decided we were not going to exchange gifts…not even stocking stuffers. Instead we would go on a family vacation…criteria: Somewhere none of us have been, see something we have never seen, and do something new. At first, I really didn’t like the idea at all. His argument was that our girls won’t remember a new whatever after we are gone (great thought), but they will always have memories. So since Christmas, we have traveled the world…in our planning. Finally, we have decided on Ireland…The Yanok’s will be headed to Ireland this summer. I must admit we are all excited and I didn’t even miss the stress of shopping this year…..not even the wrapping paper.


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