National Painting Week…April 19-22 Get 40% off Paint at Sherwin-Williams

Happy Spring!
Paint, the least expensive way to update and/or change any part of your home. Sherwin-Williams has been around for a long time. If you purchase paint during April 19-22, ask for the 40% discount. You can sign up for a free enewsletter, “Color to Color” with so many great ideas and also coupons, notices of sales, etc. LOWE’s also has a newsletter and coupons but you need to sign up with a REALTOR that belongs to the LOWES REALTOR Benefits Program. Let me know if you are interested…includes home maintenance ideas too as the seasons pass.

I read an interesting article in the Columbus, Ohio Dispatch 4/14/13. “Designer urges buyers to ignore conventional wisdom on homes.” Well…I disagree with most of this article…anyone that has worked with me knows, my first consideration is RESALE Value. The author shares, “Skip square feet. Skip resale value. And bypass location. Look for “live-in” value of a home as opposed to the resale value”. I recently helped a couple build a new home…helped them make most of their selections and I kept reminding them that resale is a big consideration to the point that he asked why is this so important to you…we haven’t even lived here yet. I think you can have both resale value and “live-in” value…making a property have live-in value is what I call making it your home. As I say to clients that are listing a property, we can do anything but move this property to a new location…LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

One more tip…for live-in/resale value…using that term now…I just had our Heating/Cooling Company come in for Spring Check-Up. Service agreement is fantastic…they check the filter and make sure all is well before the first 90 degree day as well as first freezing…This prevents emergency calls as well as provides a record for potential buyers some day in the future. Some companies date and record information on the side of the mechanicals and others put info. in a envelope attached…make sure they do leave record of check-up.

And now some family matters…spent yesterday with my mother…Bob Evans, here we come. Bird feeder, and hummingbird feeder are in place. Live-in Value…was added. Of course I had to make sure she had a VERY ample supply of bird seed, and red nector???which I spilled in my car…talk about sticky. Although we decided all birds get hungry, she would prefer only the little birds come to her window. Those visits are so important to her…me too. The next two weeks are so busy for me….thank you buyers and sellers…so I am glad I found the time yesterday to make the trip.

Have a great week!


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