Stopping Along the Way…Central Ohio Real Estate

YOU Can do this...and it will stay green.

YOU Can do this…and it will stay green.



More Good Stuff

More Good Stuff

So much more... Good Stuff!

Stopped at ELM & IRON this week…3475 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43235. ( 614-824-5611) …I was coming from OSU to Gahanna…the interesting route for sure. ELM & IRON has been open for 6 months. So much fun to see…lots of ideas. Some merchandise from venders and the rest from “Pickers” that check out antique stores, old buildings, etc. Stop by, you will not be disappointed.

Outdoor or indoor pots filled with succulents…so easy. I have been collecting different varieties…from Walmart to Oakland…plant in pot and you have a great centerpiece…not much water and the plants keep their color. First saw this at Andi’s in CA. She can keep outdoor pots all 12 months.

Great week…Real Estate Market is Crazy Good! A variety of closings this last week…Best one was when the seller and buyer were in tears of JOY! Love Happy Clients…best marketing plan in any business. Also closed one property in a PARTY HOUSE with traveling Notary…not my choice but all went well.


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