Columbus Ohio Realtor Is BUSY! Balancing Family and Real Estate Business..Too much FUN!

My mother and my granddog...Happy together!

My mother and my granddog…Happy together!

Wedding Plans...California, Here I Come!

Wedding Plans…California, Here I Come!

Have you ever helped a moving company place furniture in PA. using Facetime from Ohio?

Have you ever helped a moving company place furniture in PA. using Facetime from Ohio?

I think I do work smarter and faster when I am extremely busy and happy…and that is me this summer. Business is so good…never dreamed it could be like this. Teaching HOME ECONOMICS to wonderful people that bring me more clients and truly appreciate my full service style…resale value, decorating, stretching the dollar, work triangles, life cycle, budgeting, finance, career planning, criteria for selecting a school, critical thinking, decision making, downsizing …..and the list could go on. I think this might be called applied academics….but not important enough stuff to be on a state test…..I hope all of my FCS friends are reading this.

Now “balancing” the family:

My mother…will be 90 this August and she needs more of me. Photo of above is a quick trip to my hometown DQ with my mother and Emily’s dog, Henry. We have been babysitting Henry as Emily just completed her MBA and a move from AZ. to PA. Actually, Henry has been a help for me with my mother. She loves her great granddog!

Our oldest daughter Andi:

Andi and Mike are getting married! We are so excited as they seem so happy and we all love Mike…finally George will have another man in the family. The date is Sept. 28, 2013…yes, this year. The good thing is that it is their wedding, the budget is set, and we can just enjoy. Andi knows she can plan an event in a few weeks..she is very good at this…even though she will be in Oregon for a big part of the summer and we are all going to be in Ireland on our family vacation in August. Andi says, “Mom, you should never worry. God has all planned.” I am working on having her strong faith. From what I hear, it will be fun for all. Emily, MOH and me, the MOB are headed to California in 2 weeks for a long weekend to find the dress! We have been having great 3 way phone conferences lately…laughing most of the time.

Our youngest daughter Emily:

Emily has just moved to Philadelphia. She had movers so no work for me. But as more and more furniture was carried up the steps to her apartment, I was called to be a consultant to the movers via Facetime, to find room for all. Emily sold her condo in Az. but decided to first rent in PA so…lots of stuff. She made me promise not to buy her any more accessories…maybe forever. So she is working on putting all away, and then the fun time begins. She sent me a ticket … yes she sent me a ticket to help with the finishing touches…no accessories but shopping and consulting…..and of course I will be taking Henry back to his Mama.

Life is good!

Don’t forget to reserve some time for the 2013 BIA Parade of HOMES. June 15-30 at Jerome Village. 13 homes this year.


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