The Cutest Little HOUSE I’ve Ever SEEN … Columbus Ohio Realtor

10790184-pink-cute-house-with-grass-isolated-over-white-background-vectorI do love looking at houses…and I love people.  This is a winning combination.  So when a client keeps apologizing for asking to look at so many properties, I assure them they are only increasing my ” intellectual property”…inventory of properties in my mind.  I first saw this house on the Columbus MLS when searching properties for a client…my shopping on-line.   Loved the location, UPTOWN Westerville…close to Otterbein University, restaurants, bakery, and bike path.  This tiny, little house, totally renovated, painted Restoration Hardware Grey, all new appliances, granite, cute little “breezeway” that attaches house to a garage…but only 2 bedrooms and yes did I mention tiny, little house but updated bathroom, beautiful wood floors, wide trim, all new windows and roof…but yes a tiny, little house.  If you can tell by now, I love this house!  I showed the house to a client…but she has a young child…just not enough room for a growing boy and probably a growing family some day.  I just couldn’t get this tiny, little house out of my “intellectual property”.  And then the light bulb went on!  I have a petite client, that wants to live by less is more, loves the bike path, has always dreamed of finding a brick house in Uptown Westerville.  Perfect fit!  I suggested she measure her furniture and then make templates out of newsprint.  So we placed her bed, etc. and got a feel for how the essentials would fit.  She also shopped for apartment size furniture…IKEA, West Elm Street, Pottery Barn…all have smaller sizes…just made for the tiny, little house.   Home inspection this week….and then the excitement begins.

As I have shared, Andi, our oldest daughter is getting married September 28, 2013.  It seems almost every where I go, someone will ask…”You must be so busy getting ready for the wedding.”  Actually I am not at all.  Andi and Mike are in complete control and the wedding is across the country.  But every once in a while I get a little nervous…like last night…George says to me during a commercial on TV,  “Do you think Andi is making a list of what she needs to do before the wedding?”  I just smile, fathers and daughters…”Yes, George, Andi has made a list”.





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