YANOK Sisters return as Yanok Sisters…Proud Moment for The Real Estate Teacher…and more Chatter

Thank you to all my Clients!

Thank you to all my Clients!

Thank you to all of my clients.  A very pleasant surprise…Yes, the market is great.  Just as teachers love when students contact them after graduation, realtors love when home buyers call them to see the property they bought after they make it their home.  Just revisited a couple who bought a home in Upper Arlington……and wow, the changes and improvements they have made.  Interesting enough, I had no idea the buyers who are also  Veterinarians, had such a wonderful collection of furniture and art collection…and interests in decorating.  Found treasures used in so many ways!  Loved my visit.

Stitching Along

Stitching Along

Very excited that Andi Yanok and Emily are coming home this weekend…Bridal Shower and Grandma Schmitt’s 90th Bday.  And as Emily pointed out…the last time Andi Yanok comes home as Andi Yanok…soon to be Andi Linley.  Sewing runners for “Farm Tables” at Mike and Andi’s wedding….table cloths to be gray.   MOH and MOB have a few little extra surprises for the Bride…fun time.   Friends and relatives have planned an amazing shower…I will take some photos…I have only seen previews.

Good Vibes

Good Vibes

Good Vibes and Wine Bar in Westerville…locally owned and yes, they make all of their own wine.  Only cheese plates now, but they did let us bring in a pizza from down the street.  And to think…when we first moved to Westerville…1978…not even any wine in the grocery store.

GREAT NEWS….NORTH STAR is coming to WESTERVILLE…in the location of the old TEA HOUSE!

"Wine is the music to the soul!"

“Wine is the music to the soul!”


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