Time and Change…The Real Estate Teacher

Andi Yanok soon to be Andi Linley

Time and Change in this Family…Andi home the last time as Andi Yanok…soon to be Andi Linley.  She had to smile when she saw sign at airport at 11:45 PM and around the house.

wedding dress

And then the OPENING of my Wedding Dress……packed away for 37 years.  Some tears and some laughter…but a surprise for all…My mother had my dress cleaned, processed, and packaged with seal of  protection from the environment at Columbus Lace…so this box has been sitting on a shelf for 37 years.  As we broke the seal…stain on one sleeve… and my veil was missing.  Sooooooo…yes, Columbus Lace is still in business…BEWARE!  And then the fun did begin.  The girls enjoyed trying on my Hat from the seventies, etc.   Now I had shopped for my MOB dress…after a Short Style Show featuring MOI…I heard comments like, “Mom, you aren’t ready for this yet”, and “You look like an old lady playing Keno in Vegas” so we made a trip to Nordstroms.  Love my girls and their opinions.  They are my most honest critics…and usually right on target.  Back to my Wedding Dress, the ceremony ended, when I cut off 2 sleeves, one for Andi and one for Emily.  Andi is using the lace in her Wedding Bouquet.

And thank you to Aunt Patti Schmitt, Kim Roe, and Sherri Irwin for giving the most wonderful Wedding Shower.  Every detail down to the Whiskey Barrels was completed to keep the theme of Mike and Andi’s CA. wedding at a Ranch.  Food was delicious and Aunt Tish brought family and freinds from Canton.

wedding gowns

Not One Detail Was Forgotten...The Perfect Shower.

Not One Detail Was Forgotten…The Perfect Shower.

shower table

Celebrated my mother’s 90th Bday on Sunday … the end of a beautiful weekend.  Not so sad to see them go as I will be seeing them often during the next 2 months.

3 girls     Changing the topic back to Real Estate, there was a great article in the “Columbus Dispatch” last Sunday about Realtors and our role in change.  I often remind clients that all change…even good change…is often stressful.  New families with children changing schools, leaving grandparents, etc….I try to help eliminate as much stress as possible.  Sometimes picking up a current yearbook or school newspaper for a teen to review helps make that first day of school a little easier.  Providing a collection of preschool evaluations by former clients can help parents send their first born off to school.  And there are my older clients that are downsizing…leaving a house of memories.  There are always some tears and maybe a presigning as opposed to more tears at the closing.  But joy does follow when they move to the “new house”, with “new neighbors”, and learn that less is more and they discover a “new freedom”.  We laugh and cry…usually more laughter.  One that I will always remember was a client that was raised in a house, and then raised her family in this little storybook house…..she is a happy homeowner now…with a section of a kitchen cabinet from the storybook house in her new house…..and I think I suggested this a couple of times as I didn’t want to let go either.   Market is changing…Buyers…if you like it, buy it!  Inventory is so low.   Sellers, if you want to sell your house, now is the time.  Contact me for a listing appointment.

Quick Restaurant Review… Third and Hollywood in Grandview…I had been wanting to go for a long time…Celebrated our 37th Anniversary there last night.  Food was almost the same as NORTHSTAR…but much higher $$$.  Northstar does own Third and Hollywood.  No reservations, free valet parking but very similar to North Star.  Wed.evening, streets in Grandview were busy…so many folks out and about…and not all in line for ice cream at Jenni’s.  Grandview Avenue…great little Restaurant Row.


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