The Real Estate Teacher has the SECRET for Staying YOUNG!

60              On vacation…yes it was a fantastic vacation with my family…so fantastic that I had to call the Columbus Board of REALTORS to get my password for the MLS this morning…I purchased this little book, “Things to do Now that YOU’RE 60”.  After reading a few pages aloud…they had to listen as we were in a van on a narrow road in Ireland with no place to stop, Emily suggested that I use some of these ideas in my Blog.  In fact, in starting my second career a few years back, some of these quotes have enabled me to compete with young and old.  “Celebrate Change…you can’t stop it from happening so you may as well embrace it.”  In being a successful REALTOR today, technology is a fantastic tool that keeps me on my toes…constantly changing, saving me time, more convenient for my clients, and the list could go on.  As soon as I get familiar with a new program/process…change happens and this is a good thing…good for me and good for my clients.  Notice I did say technology is a tool…to help provide service.  We had a long conversation about the power of a handwritten note, face to face meeting when possible, and providing service long after the contract is signed…ancient treasures too often only practiced years ago.

I always enjoy reading the  At Home, Section H, of “The Columbus Dispatch”, our local paper…and yes I do still like the idea of holding a newspaper in my hands with a cup of coffee on Sunday morning.  (Sunday, August 18, 2013)   There was an article about the convenience of a “One Stop Shop” for homebuyers.  Lender, Title Company, Realtor, and Related Services all under one roof.  The author suggested buying a house should be as easy as buying a car.  As most people only buy and sell a few houses in a lifetime, they are often not sure of the process.  Buyer beware…who gets the Golden Egg.   A system of checks and balances seems to be the safest to me when making one of your largest purchases…a house.  I suggest shopping for all professionals involved in the buying and/or selling process.  When asked by my clients, I give them a list of professionals they can research and make their own choices.  I also suggest they ask friends, colleagues, and ask for references.


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