Look at Several Properties before You are ready to BUY! Columbus, Ohio Real Estate

Just spent yesterday working with a couple with very different styles…from creative and full of color and texture to very organized, clean lines, and functional.  So this is when my counseling, negotiating…I have been typed as an amiable driver…comes in to play.  My objective is to have all family members happy, buying a house for the right value, in excellent condition, that I know I can resale when and if they decide to relocate.  And during this process, everyone…yes everyone is having fun.  So after looking at several properties, we were down to two…a compromise was needed.  House number one=excellent condition, 1 acre of land, no neighbors, lots of nooks and crannies, restored but without removing the original  “farmhouse look”.  House number two=unbelievable deco, faux painting, display of original art, clever repurposing furniture…and the list could go on.  And so…I suggested we take some of the best ideas from house number two…to a few rooms of house number one.  So time will tell how this works out.

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All the above photos are from House No. 2…I wish I would have taken more photos…I have been looking for an old map to put in one large frame…costly to frame.  The second photo was an old Columbus Map divided in nine pieces and framed…Kitchen had concrete counter tops..Practical…who knows but it looked great.

For my Downsizing Boomer Friends:  J.A. Baker LLC, a personal property appraisal and estate-consulting business might be a good resource for you.

Feeling a little sad that I will not be attending the OSU opener this coming weekend…probably the first for many years…but I will be joining Andi, Emily, and friends in CA. for  Wedding Shower and Bachelorette Party.  Always a learning experience and fun when I spend time with my two BEST FRIENDS.

Why I like Urban Meyer….According to an article I read, Shelley Meyer bought all of her lamps from T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods…Even if that isn’t true…I like to think that and she is from my part of the country, Southern Ohio.   GO BUCKS!


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