Teacher on the other SIDE of the Desk…The Real Estate Teacher, Columbus, Ohio

rx25910319 copy    Back from vacation and back to work…Andi and Mike are married…beautiful wedding, photos to follow.  BUT…I have to share some experiences with helping families relocate to Ohio.  Being a former educator, I truly feel that the school district where a property is located either adds or decreases the value of the property.  Knowing that as a Realtor, I cannot steer a client to a school district, I am very careful in what I say.  Usually I share that if parents model an appreciation for education, have high expectations for their children, and don’t enable their children by making excuses or doing their children’s work, the student will be successful in school.    I remind them that even though they have selected 5 houses to tour on the internet, they probably wouldn’t purchase a property without going in the house…photos cannot always tell the story.  And since I believe the school is equally important I encourage them to  plan a visit to the school or phone conference with the principal, guidance, and/or head of the department of interest instead of relying on test scores, and other information on the internet.  Most educators would agree that test scores and school grade cards don’t always create a true picture of their school.   Interesting enough there is a huge difference in how local school districts react to a buyer’s requests.  In some districts, I am welcomed to make appts., schedule tours, and given copies of school newspapers, yearbooks, etc. to lend to a family that is making a move.  I have also been able to arrange phone conferences with clients and department heads of specific programs for my clients.  And on the flip side, I have been told that a client can look at their website…everything they need to know is there…they are just too busy to work with new students or we suggest a virtual backpack…meaning go to the website.  It is very easy to understand why a parent would select one school district over another and of course I follow my buyer.    Buyers also look at levy failures as a sign to stay clear of a neighborhood/suburb.  This is just food for thought…if you want to protect the value of your property, support your local school district and encourage them to be “Buyer Friendly”.



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