Tuesday Chatter including some of my new favorite things…The Real Estate Teacher in Central Ohio

A Twist On Olives

Westerville, Ohio UPTOWN…it is our downtown but it is called UPTOWN…anyway things are changing..and for the good.  Stop at A Twist on Olives, 20 S. State Street, Suite K, Westerville, Ohio, 43081.  The BEST part is meeting the owner, Rose.  Believe me she can give you a 45 minute, informative talk about olive oil and you will not only learn something new but also enjoy the time.  What a lady!  Recipes and she is also open to scheduling parties in her very, cute shop.  You can taste any of the oils…actually drink a shot of oil…this was a first for me.  Please stop by and see Rose.

Also, stop by Ohio Art Market, 30 North State Street…lots of interesting stuff made in Ohio.  One of my favorites was some OSU coasters…”You had me at OH!”

Next on my list:  Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Soup.   Emily suggested this purchase and OHHHHHH so good.  Warm it up and add a couple of spoonfuls of Mascarpone Cheese and a couple of Croutons…Enjoy.  And then try Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter…add a tablespoon to vanilla Greek Yogurt…a dash of cinnamon and very good!

Just chatting about this with my neighbor…Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover which is available at Hobby Lobby for $3.99.  This stuff really works and leaves no spot.  I purchased this is CA. and my neighbor bought her supply in Utah…so a national product.  Just removed stain that the cleaners reported would never come out.

Very excited to meet a former client at THE PLATE in New Albany this week.  I will give you a review next week.

One of my all time favorite finds…my very tall door.  After seeing a door over the mantle at Proper Garden, I was on a mission…to get my door over a mantle in my house.  Well, George and a neighbor told me all the reasons this would not work…too heavy, if it falls, it could really hurt someone…and the list goes on.  And why would you want a door over the mantle anyway?  Why would you want to hit a ball around all day…and so my new nephew came to my rescue.  He measured, purchased the hardware needed, and wanted to complete the job in one day and no complaining…even looked happy.   My Hero!   And so the door will change as the seasons roll…and I don’t think anyone will be injured from a falling door.

Happy Birthday to our baby girl, EMILY!  A Day To CELEBRATE!

One of my FAVORITE things...found on a roadtrip.

One of my FAVORITE things…found on a roadtrip.


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