Staging a House in CA. from Ohio with Facetime…SURE ways to increase the value of your property…and More Updates You can Do!

3[1]  Staging is critical before a homeowner lists their property…and yes, using FACETIME, I actually helped a friend prepare a house to list in Ca. from OHIO…Clean, less is more, and provide evidence of care and maintenance.  Give the buyer the impression that you have cared for your property like you would a new-born.  It may also be helpful to tour a few model homes for ideas.  Home builders pay professionals $$$ to create a look that appeals to many homebuyers.

Two very easy ways to increase the value of your property:

1.  SUPPORT YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT!   Being a former educator and parent,  I have always known that a Fantastic School System is value added to any property.  As a Realtor, I am reminded almost every day as I help families find a new home.  I am working for a family right now that has decided to wait until after the November election to decide between two school districts that are very similar but they feel the election results will help them make the best decision.  To protect one of your largest investments, brag about your school system, volunteer, and/or attend school athletic events, plays, concerts, etc.  If you own a home that has 3 bedrooms or more, chances are that a family will purchase your property…and they will most likely have school age children some day.  Promote your school system and increase the value of your property.

2.  SCHEDULE SPRING AND FALL CHECKUPS for HEAT AND CENTRAL AIR!   Not only to keep an accurate record of the maintenance of these mechanicals, but also to know that you won’t have the expense of emergency service calls when the weather is extremely cold or hot…  Keep all records attached and/or close to the mechanicals for your records as well as for potential buyers to review.  These records are evidence that you as a homeowner, have taken care of your property.

Complete Records

Complete Records

And then some updating…just because YOU want a little change…..light dining   Trying to change over from all brass to brass, silver, and bronze….

paint  Spray paint…goodbye to gold lamp and frame…and hello to silver accessories …And fun to bring my Great Grandmother Schauseil’s candelabra out which matches our new chandelier in the dining room…

Have a Wonderful Week!


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