Women, Men..Who Makes the Final Decision … Columbus Ohio Realtor … and The Beginning of my Favorite Season!!!

front doorAs most people know, “If Mama isn’t happy, No one will be happy” and as most Realtors know, when selling to a family, the Woman makes the final decision…if the man is smart and wants to be happy. Oh…I am going to hear about this. Most men…not all men…but most go directly to the garage and basement and just stand there looking…even if there is not one thing in the space. George, my husband, says…”It is because they know that is the only space that is truly their own to “decorate”. Recently, I have been in the process of helping a fantastic family relocate to Columbus. I spent one day with the Mr. and another day a few weeks later with the Mrs. Very nice folks. I have been communicating with the Mrs. for the last few weeks. The Mr. will be here this weekend and we…Mr. and Moi are selecting the house for the family. I am a people pleaser, love seeing happy families, and depend totally on happy clients for my marketing plan. Thank goodness for Facetime! I will try my best to help with this long distance purchase. I do feel the pressure and I have spent more time previewing, sending reviews, etc. than I normally do. Wish me luck!

I love the Holidays…some simple ideas are often the best!


All seasons, when setting a table, etc. I like to add some height. The square stand is one of my favorites and was a bit pricey. When at the grocery store last week…I noticed All Natural Birch Stump…I took the wick out and now…another inexpensive stand for plates, trays, etc. I know the wood is pest free…the wick is out… I will not test flammability by putting near a candle.

Cute little store in New Albany Market Area..Tailfeathers and Three French Hens.
Lots of cute gift ideas…and some women’s clothing.

If you like Mediterranean food…Try The Olive Tree Just ate dinner there last week…The BEST Hummus and Patitsio with Bechamel Cream Sauce…kind of like eating your main course and dessert all at the same time. But save room for the Baklava Sundae…The owner made several trips to our table of eight…Sent us the Baklava Sundaes too. Great family owned restaurant in Hilliard.

Have a great week!


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