Holidays, Happy Days, Bride and Groom Coming Home, Columbus Ohio Realtor

Andi and Mike
Finally Wedding Photos IN…and better yet Bride and Groom are coming to OHIO for the Holidays!
andi and MIke weddddd
Andi and Emily Our Girls!
andi and Mike Ball
Wedding Party….wonderful people, brothers, sisters, friends…made the day memorable for all…and all had fun!
So many good friends…beautiful girls inside and out! Love being with these girls.
The Radiant Bride!

And now Decorating for the Holidays…What a job…Starts like this…
George “Hates this JOB” but does this for his girls with “love”?!? We both agree on fewer lights each year. Andi always had this job and never seemed to see enough lights.
Many of our favorite decorations are from family memories. This is a Christmas Card sent out from my parent’s business, Schmitt’s Dairy, to their customers…yes door to door delivery many years ago.


I do have so much “stuff” in our lower level. Helping my clients declutter their homes before they list has given my the feeling that I should either use it, give it away, or throw it in the trash. This Wreath is made from a very old wreath from Front Gate Clearance Sale, Big Pine Cones which I gathered when visiting Andi, and an old frame from no other than the Springfield Flea Market. New look…if I decorated the same way each year, I could be done fast, but would that be any fun?

Now back to Real Estate…If you are thinking of selling, now is the time! Why… the inventory is down and so is the interest rate. I spent last week in Upper Arlington and Blacklick looking for properties for two different families. I could only find 3 properties in both areas, that met the search criteria. The earlier you list, the less competition you will have. My advice, start 2014 with a For Sale Sign in your front yard.

Stay warm and enjoy the weekend…And for all of my Buckeye Friends…Go Bucks


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