The Least Expensive Christmas Decorations…Columbus Ohio Realtor


1. Good GREENS…Flexible, easy to cut… in Central Ohio, Prairie House in New Albany has been selling for at least the last 10 years…They make anything look can tuck them in small spaces, create an upside down tree on a chandelier…I add every other year. The trick is to cut them down in size…so pliable.

2. A variety of Glass CLOCHES…They make anything look good from an ornament from the Dollar Store to an Heirloom. I just found a 1902 Christmas Song Book in my mother’s old Sheet Music…and the CLOCHE…Book 13
Book 10

Memories equal Decorations… Just add GREENS and a CLOCHE or two…The Polar Express…Both girls have a copy…
Book 15Book 14


GREENS around great photos…Emily…yes she did have that much hair… was 2 months old in the photo with Andi in a red jumper I made for her…. And we were lucky to have Santa stop in every Christmas…Andi connecting with Santa…and we should have known, Emily more interested in the reindeer…years before Henry.
GREENS and coordinating frames…so inexpensive and great for conversation…Taken at Lazarus…those were the days…

book9 My Great Grandmother’s Red Dishes…remember when my mother set our dining room table with these dishes…I came home from school and knew she had left them there as a Christmas gift…GREENS again…punch bowl holds a candle which looks very sparkly at night…

All done with GREENS that are cut so they are easy to place in small places, they are light in weight…
Bells GREENS around some Bells that were my Great Grandfather’s and so as the story goes…he rang them to let the kids know Santa was on his way. I remember my Grandmother Kay sharing that story as well as my mother.

So…GREENS, CLOCHES, and Memories…more examples may include stockings, children’s favorite books, toys, recipes, cookie cutters, a favorite ornament, a special holiday dress, quilt, and the list could go on. Hope this gives you some ideas to use what you already have.

I am done with Decking the Yanok Halls and ready for Mike, Andi, Emily, and oh yes Henry to come home.


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