WANTED…Sparkling Clean, Uncluttered, Reasonably Priced to Sell Near Appraised Value


I love shopping…and the search or journey is usually part of the fun. After several years as an educator, realtor, and of course mother, I am a patient woman. When buyers apologize for looking at several properties, I have to remind them that:
1. You may have to see what you don’t want first.
2. I am not wasting my time as I am building my inventory of homes I have seen….intellectual property
3. After I tour with them, I learn what they like. Time for a quick, true, story…I just closed a property for a couple without the wife seeing the house. What a compliment to me…she trusted my judgement after we toured some properties when she was able to be in town.



I have 5 buyers, approved to buy, have no home sale contingencies, and I am having difficulty finding them a home. Each morning, I go straight to the MLS…Mutitple Listing Service…to look for new listings. If you are thinking of making a move…NOW is the time. There is little competition…builders are just starting their engines, homeowners are waiting for Spring, interest rates are still low, new employment opportunities are bringing families to the area, school levies have passed…and the list could go on. Before you add on another room, buy all new floor coverings and appliances to get your property ready to list, STOP, DECLUTTER, CLEAN and then LIST. You may be surprised.


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