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For the last few years, my daughters and husband, have freely suggested goals, steps for improvement, etc. to help me become a better person……I am grateful! They do care about me, right. I love the fact that both of our daughters try their best to help me improve/change…they both have very different styles but the combination is so valuable to me.
We all have different methods, written and shared, written and kept private, one word for the year, words in our minds for the month of January, business plans that are put in a drawer and the list could go on.

My latest goal setting practice…I guess practice is a good word…started in 2011 with Emily, our youngest daughter. She brought 2 moleskine books, of course coordinating ink, and we sat down with a good bottle of wine to write our measurable goals. It was a great experience to make our own list, share, and make suggestions for each other. The outcome was: Emily reached her goals (2011-2013), and I reached my sales goals but forgot to keep track of my personal goals. So this practice has continued…only this year we have a new color of book and ink, and we have decided to make two big changes: Quarterly reviews and a year-end bonus if all goals are reached. We were careful to make them obtainable. goals 1 Sharing goals with others seems to help make goals a realty for some…Some of mine for this year: practice Yoga three times a week, learn and practice five new technology tools for my Real Estate Business, read a book for pleasure each month(no real estate/sales/finance books count), replace service projects with visiting my mother more often…and there are more.

Wishing you a Goal Obtainable YEAR in whatever way you practice!!!
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