Foodies…Lola’s and then there is Lola’s


lola cleve

Lola’s in the Tremont neighborhood in Cleveland…no way to reduce calories or lower cholesterol…but just one night. A Pork lover’s delight…Maple Bacon Ice Cream and Double Fried Fries in Lard with Rosemary…ohhhhhhhhh as you waddle out the door. Michael Symon is soon opening his first restaurant in Columbus area…B Spot, his burger stop will be in Gahanna.


Lola and Joe

And then we have Lola’s on the main street in Gahanna. I remember hearing about Lola when she had one of the first microwave stores in Columbus and offered cooking classes. Since then Lola and Joe have had several restaurants. Great Italian food in an environment similar to…let me see, you will just have to visit for yourself. No reservations, but I know you will be greeted by Lola, “Welcome to my little restaurant! It won’t be long now.” Tiny little restaurant with Lola as the entertainment…great food and great prices.

Due DiligenceResearch the Source when searching popular Real Estate Sites. Many consumers are not aware that unlicensed contributers can change and/or adjust information.

Great time to list…low inventory and few new homes = less competition. Call me for listing information and one hour of free staging advice.


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