My Mother…who has taught be about Downsizing…Central Ohio Realtor

90th Bday  8/5/13

90th Bday 8/5/13

Downsizing is such a process. It is one of those things that is much easier to coach than do yourself. As a REALTOR, I try to be patient, nurturing, informative, and a cheerleader. Some of my most comforting words are, “All change is stressful, good and bad. Less is more. You will soon feel a new type of freedom.” Unfortunately or fortunately, George and I built our home with retirement in mind. Everything we need is on our first floor and we are very close to what George plans to do…golf. Our lower level is full of my “transitional furnishings…I do use them for staging properties…and “stuff” that our daughters don’t want in their homes but they also don’t want us to throw away…we have two shrine areas. I feel somewhat guilty telling listing clients that these things have to go… If we ever move, yes our stuff will have to go too.
Helping my mother downsize is the closest I have personally been to downsizing and may I stress downsizing. My brother and I have helped her come from a large home to a small house in a retirement village to several styles of apartments to numerous assisted living efficiencies. Each move involved getting rid of “stuff” and learning how to be patient, nurturing as she goes through these moves. I can easily make any space home to my mother…..I have had lots of practice.

These times have helped me appreciate and guide my clients to downsize…..and I must say they are always happy after the move. I will give my mother credit for my “downsizing skills and understanding”.


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