Food for Thought…Columbus Realtor Makes a Couple of NEW Stops

Had the pleasure of dining at Ella’s in New Albany. Eat local and love local art is their motto. Small restaurant…atmosphere was minimal… is connected to a small art gallery. Food and service… EXCELLENT! Recommendations include Polenta Fries with Ohio Cheese Fondue, Spinach Pesto, or Spicy Arrabiata for dipping. George who tends to be extremely critical of restaurant food…he should have been a chef…..really liked the Gumbo. I would also go back for Panko Crusted Butternut Squash which was layered with Ohio Cheese…not sure what kind but creamy and very good. And the Carrot Cake was amazing…they do make their own desserts…not a pastry chef but not out of a box that just came from the freezer. It was fun to walk through the art gallery but nothing I needed to bring home…and for those of you that know me, I do like to shop. Ella’s does work with nonprofits, etc. to organize fundraisers for the community.

We also tried the recently opened Wine Bistro in Westerville. Enjoyed the great location and atmosphere but the food was just ok. French Onion Soup was good but other items…crab cakes…well, maybe time will help improve the menu. I must admit that George makes the BEST crab cakes ever so maybe I should not order them when I am out. Good news is that you can take your own wine in and enjoy with a small corkage fee….Monday and Tuesday is free. Keep sending the Vino from northern California, Andi and Mike.

Waiting for the roads to be cleared and then headed out to preview a property. As you have been hearing on the news, Columbus Ohio homes for sale are far and few between. I never push families to buy, but if you like it, and you want to enjoy the interest rates, buy it today, it may soon be gone. If you are thinking of listing, do it today without much competition from other houses for sale in Columbus Ohio.

Stay Warm!


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