This Made Me Laugh…only in Florida?


Just got back from a long weekend spent with 4 other couples…so much fun, and wonderful friends. Where do you see a walker in a wine cellar? Love it!

Stop in A Twist of Olives 20 S. State Street, Suite K…just go down the alley to find Rose’s shop. Promise you will have fun and learn so much. Great hostess gifts or just for your kitchen.

Practicing Yoga…so many benefits. Balance…each time I visit my 90 year old mother I am reminded that keeping your balance helps to prevent falls. Maintaining balance, improving a golf swing, relief from muscle tension or a short break for R&R…my favorite place is Yoga Factory and my favorite teacher…Gwen.

I got the paper in my flip flops this morning…yes we still get a paper…like to hold it with my coffee. I was very quickly reminded to put those shoes away and bring out the boots!

Real Estate NEWS…List now! You won’t be disappointed.


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