Experience in Local Store…National Chain…name not to be shared…The Real Estate Teacher

shopping cart

I had a short list of items to purchase at the hardware store…large chain…that I needed with no wait time. For example trash compactor bags…used the last one. I approached a friendly sales person who was sitting by a computer. When I asked where the trash compactor bags were, he assured me he would look on-line and tell me if they were in stock. “No trash bags, you will have to order on our website.” So I ask for a couple of other items…instead of directing me to the correct area of the store, he looked on-line again…”No was his answer for my entire list.” I stopped on the way out to purchase some regular trash bags…and guess what…several sizes of trash compactor bags were on a shelf. And yes, I found all the items I drove to the store to purchase and use that very day. As you can imagine, I was a little frustrated and began to think several thoughts:
1. This sales person that didn’t want to leave his chair was older, the energetic sales person that helped me find the items was a much younger guy…
2. Will we soon need to make a list and order on-line a few days before we need an item…
3. Maybe small businesses will survive for folks that don’t plan ahead???

Loving the sunshine today as well as the Real Estate Market. I went on a listing appt….beautiful property with unbelievable view…Gave the owner Homework to complete before I return: Get rid of as much “stuff” as possible, work on spotless, squeaky clean, list all the updates with company info.etc., and call me back. I always smile when I say these words because I need to give myself the same assignment. I will complete when my home becomes a product to sell…..two very different things!


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