Barre Sculpting, Yoga, and Stair Climbing…OH MY!

Daughters are daughters…and daughters become parents to mothers…and so the cycle goes. Each time I visit my mother in a retirement village, some resident is in FAST TRACK to recover from a fall. My girls are “gently” reminding me that I need to continue trying new things, never go out of the house without make-up, stay out of certain stores, and the list could go on…..They love me!

Andi and Emily

I do LOVE Yoga…so much better than Advil and/or wine. The Yoga Factory is better than any medicine to me. Last time Andi was home, I did a quick demo…I won’t go into this story with too much detail…but she was surprised with some of my balance poses…


My latest class is called Barre Sculpt…The class is me and about 12 very,young girls…28-35 maybe. They are such sweet girls…even one used to be one of my students…and we do have fun…all the ballet positions, barre work, weights… Just this last week a mother of one of my former students joined the class…so excited to see someone a little closer in age. Her daughter mentored a PT in high school and now is a practicing PT in Chicago. Her mother reported that she hears some similar lectures from her daughter.


And my other regular exercise…climbing three flights of stairs in properties…I showed 29 homes in 2 days this week…I actually don’t even realize I am climbing so many stairs as I am usually having fun.

Have a great weekend…My Real Estate ADVICE for this week…if you like it, buy it. It may not be there the next day. Hoping to see more listings around town.


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