Home to Condo to Assisted Living …Heart to Heart with Columbus Ohio Realtor

Grandma, Emily and Andi...90th Bday

Grandma, Emily and Andi…90th Bday

For the last few years, I have been helping my mother go from a spacious house to a small retirement house to assist living…and what a journey it has been. Sharing memories, getting rid of “stuff”, talking through changes, and getting rid of “stuff”, experiencing health care, and getting rid of “stuff”, redecorating to make a new place look like home, celebrating holidays in a different way, giving up driving her car, watching her see all of her friends pass, and the list could go on and on. Yesterday, I made a trip down to the assisted living facility where she now lives. We both had a wonderful day! We drove to a neighboring town, ate at her favorite, Bob Evans. Highlight of her lunch was face timing with Andi and we had a lengthy discussion about life after death and what Heaven must be like….talk about switching conversations. We enjoyed a shopping trip…she loved which included buying a frame for a 3000 Hour Certificate that she had earned from volunteering at our local hospital, some spring clothes, and a new jewelry box to arrange her necklaces. Got back to her room, she cleaned out her jewelry drawer, and I cleaned out her closet…got rid of more “stuff”. There were tears but more laughs!
Driving home, I got a call from Emily and she asked me why I sounded so tired…she of course was very understanding…..and someday she will understand even more.

Last weekend, I listed a condo for a client that had lived in the same condo for almost twenty years. She and her husband had completely undated this condo to an amazing place as they had decided to stay there as the location is wonderful…minutes to OSU and 315. As soon as the remodeling was completed, her husband passed away and she fell. After many family discussions she decided to move to an assisted living community. She shared some of her stories and experiences related to growing older. She is an interesting lady, an artist, takes writing lessons, in a skit…seems to enjoy her new living arrangements.

So in thinking about the last few days a few major thoughts:

Growing Older is not for a Sissy!
Take care of your health…who knows what healthcare will look like for my generation!
Always have an attorney look over any contracts you sign when selecting a Retirement Facility!


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