Chandeliers, Food, and More….Columbus Ohio Real Estate

Blog 2
The Collection and Bungalow in Powell…2 great places to get the creative juices flowing. Emily and I stopped by over Easter weekend…and when we returned home…the Light Bulb did go on in our kitchen. Emily suggested I redesign the chandelier over the kitchen table…
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It was a sacrifice to tear apart my mother’s Chopin Music but…styrofoam, to help attach the sheet music to the metal prongs on the chandelier…black shades instead of green…Nice Change and Cost = zero = my favorite kind of change. Disclosure here….I am not staging my house to sell so these kind of fun ideas are just because I enjoy them….Staging…nothing would be here but the “naked” chandelier. Naked, Plain, and Clean….and you will not be Naked, Scared, and on the Market Forever.

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Blog 5

I have been wanting to stop by this little Bakery in German Village…very interesting. Lavender in pastry….different and tasty…I had tasted Lavender in whipped butter…both are very good.

Have a great week…not much sunshine predicted in OHIO but it is warmer. Look for my new listing in Autumn Woods…Westerville…It is a good one!


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