So MUCH to Share…Emily’s Move, Great Find for renting Linens, Lazarus Memories, and Hiring a new Assistant!


The cutest little porch…Emily and Henry now live in a little house with a yard! Two blocks from the train station and in the most adorable neighborhood along the mainline. Sat on this great porch, drinking a little vino, with great young ladies…so much for me to learn these days. I do miss my Monday morning sessions with high school students when I could get updated on life and of course share a little wisdom…comes with age. Neighbors stopped by to say hello and offer suggestions for living in the area.
This little garage…..adorable…became my painting studio…actually where I used spray paint…
The mantle leaning against the wall is actually a headboard from Emily’s bed that would not go up to the second floor….tiny little stairs to floor 2 and floor 3. And now, a piece of architectural interest.
And now to the second floor…..Emily created this look…She is getting tired of the word transitional…my favorite when I buy something…where can I use this again. She actually has a cabinet/chest from her first college apt. that we got at Crate and Barrel and it has been in several rooms since. And of course made the transition to this bedroom. So tired when I got home but…

HOME on Thursday morning and getting ready for wedding shower…Jason and Sarah…all centered around the concept of TIME.




And if you ever need to rent linens…tablecloths and napkins…inexpensive…no laundry and expense of buying the colors you don’t have.

Inside they have this framed Christmas Lazarus Shopping Bag…The owners used to work at the Downtown Lazarus…we talked about the Christmas window, breakfast with Santa…they reminded me that back in the day, they were required to wear suits to work and they did know what service meant to clients….brought back so many memories of my parents taking us from a small town to Columbus to see Santa…

Thank you to my clients and colleagues for your patience. Business is so good right now. I am hearing from past clients with referrals and changes coming up for themselves. Loving the time I spend with my OSU employees…so many countries, careers, and updates related to The Ohio State University. And you KNOW I love helping former Westerville students.
Henry interviewed as my assistant when I was delayed in PA. I was in panic as I had so much I needed to be doing back home.

Happy buying and selling to all!


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One response to “So MUCH to Share…Emily’s Move, Great Find for renting Linens, Lazarus Memories, and Hiring a new Assistant!

  1. Wonderful to hear what you are up to! Emily’s porch is adorable.
    Hope you take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy summer.
    How’s your golf game?
    Love, Linda

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