Columbus Ohio Realtor has GRIT

I have GRIT!

I have IT!

While visiting our daughter who works in Corporate America, she shared the company was looking for talent with GRIT. And I immediately responded, Grit, something new? persistence, not giving up, hard work…..What an old word for something new??? We chatted about who has grit and where they learn to have grit…and why it is a good thing.

Interesting enough, I was having breakfast with two teachers that coordinate mentorship programs for students in Dublin and Hilliard. I was sharing my “Grit” discussion that I had with our daughter. And how do you teach Grit, can it be tested, is Grit as important as what you know…and the list of questions evolved. We all agreed that students need to be put in situations where they can experience “Grit”. A few days later, one of my teacher friends, sent me an article, “This year’s trendy new term in education is “Grit”.

So do I have “Grit” as a Realtor? In a relatively short period of time…(after 32 years as an educator) I have a fantastic business built on client referrals and recommendations. You won’t see my photo on grocery carts, magazines, or athletic fields, but you will see my collection of recommendation letters and referrals. It did take “Grit” to start over and take the challenge of building my own business in my second career. Believing in honesty, service, finding new mentors and resources, learning from mistakes, surrounding myself with professionals that specialize in areas that I need on my team…and the list could go on. Whatever it takes, finding a school system that offers 5 years of Chinese with a teacher in the room, answering questions like how many chickens can one have in a specific suburb, where can I find the perfect hostess gift for my dinner with the president of the company before tonight…..It is all good. Every client is different and every day I get the chance to use my “Grit”. Life is Good!


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