Michael Symon comes on down…Columbus Ohio Realtor


Spent an hour last night waiting to try Michael Symon’s B Spot…new burger restaurant in town. It was worth the wait…probably because we were with fun people. Imagine fries, thin cut with rosemary and/or a vanilla bean, apple pie, bacon milkshake! I ask our waiter if we could look for a Lolita or Lola Bistro to open in Columbus…he said Michael has no plan to replicate those Cleveland restaurants in Columbus, Ohio. Just spent 2 days with a family from St.Louis, and they were amazed at the variety of restaurants we have in Columbus…and also how little traffic we have in our city. These are the two comments I hear almost every time I have new families in town. So you understand, being a foodie is part of my responsibility of being an excellent tour guide/realtor.

Also visited a local school district last Friday…which was so great to have the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, take the time to welcome a family and share his knowledge of the district as well as answer their questions. I will be writing a thank you letter to him as well as his Superintendent. Families, taxpayers, soon to become community members can learn so much more from a visit as opposed to the internet and/or “virtual backpack”. I always learn something…FTA is not only a club…Future Teachers of America but also Future Tailgaters of America. FTA organizes school approved tailgate parties for students, parents, and/or fans. This is a new one to me.

Inventory is still low. If you are thinking of listing, NOW is the time. Appraised values are starting to rise also…just need some more merchandise in the store!


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