Coming Soon Signs >>>Haste Could = Waste in Columbus Area Real Estate


The Real Estate Market has slowly changed to a seller’s market in many areas. As our inventory has gone down, many buyers feel the urgency to buy without completing due diligence. Why would you want to be in a rush to buy one of the most expensive purchases most families make. In some suburbs, Coming Soon Signs have been used for years. Why? Because they can??? Creating interest helps to induce a “bidding war” among buyers, and some buyers may get lost in the game of competition. Buyers Beware! Make sure you study comparative property sold prices from the last 6 months, think location…location…location and insist your realtor ask for an ample number of days for an inspection. Make an educated decision. There will always be more than one property that you can make your home.

Sellers, if you are ready to move on, the interest rate is still relatively low. Appraisals are going up! Now is a great time! Clean, free of clutter, list of updates, estimate of utility costs, story of why you have enjoyed your home…no gimmicks, secrets…just present a good product and hire a REALTOR that believes in SERVICE.
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