Andi and Emily are BACK in Pintail Court!

Andi and Emily

I am loving the new family that has moved in my court. I have waved as they go in and out but never really had time to chat. I was planting some mums in pots on our front porch when I heard this screaming with delight. A little brunette was riding her brand, new bike with training wheels around the center of the court. Faster and faster she went as she gained speed and confidence. She was dressed in a “sporty” little outfit, ready for anything. Soon her little sister, a blonde, with a frilly little top, was trying to balance on a tricycle…couldn’t even reach the peddles…to catch up with big sister. Their mother came up the drive to share some of her thoughts on having 2 girls about three years apart. She explained that the younger one has all the hand me downs…including her “new” tricycle. I shared one of my favorite stories…”My mother used to enjoy taking my girls shopping. On one of those trips with Andi, she explained to Andi (age 4) that they needed to find something to take home to Emily. Andi knowing that we always gave Emily hand me downs, explained to my mother, “My parents don’t waste money on Emily. In the middle of our conversation about raising girls, the younger daughter became very upset…there was dirt in her little pink crocs…oh so Emily…and the older was trying to help her sister with this crisis situation. The new Andi and Emily of Pintail Court help remind me of the early years.
We haven’t seen this kind of action in our court for a few years. After the terror of 8 teenage drivers, they were all off to school, married, and scattered all over the U.S. The new girls on the block are soon getting red flags on their vehicles so the rest of us can remember to be careful. I will be watching and enjoying every minute!


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