O.S.U. Tailgating…Downsizing Family Time

Downsizing Tailgating!

Downsizing Tailgating!

O.S.U. tailgating is a tradition for many OHIO families. Bring your chairs, blanket, tent, motor home…make yourself at home and enjoy the sights, sounds, and Ohio Fall Weather. Always fun to see families reuniting, college friends back together, children playing games, picnic, grilling out, etc. The motor home lot used…USED to be full of families. Since the fee has been increased to $6000 per season, the lot is almost empty. Just a few corporate sponsors and lots of empty space. O.S.U games are a daylong event of traditions for many families…shopping at your favorite OSU store on Lane Ave, stopping in at the Varsity Club, and the list could go on. Ticket prices keep increasing for the everyday BUCKEYE Alumni…even more for premium games… If you want to stay at home to watch every game…make sure you have the right network. These thoughts went through my mind when I spotted this mini motorhome a few days ago. Enough of these negative thoughts.

I will still enjoy attending the games, get goose bumps on my arms when the band enters the Shoe through the tunnel, enjoy every minute of Script Ohio, and remember spending many Saturdays in the Shoe with my family and friends. Hope to be healthy enough to attend when I am in my eighties…like my mother. She used her elevator pass to get to B Deck and could still stand and clap until the I was dotted. Go Bucks!

And most of my clients know…no service on game days!

Birthday Cake for my Mother and Nephew

Birthday Cake for my Mother and Nephew

osu fan 011


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