Furniture Bank … The BEST DEAL in TOWN!

sofa sofa

Just recently we finally replaced some family room furniture. George’s recliner is a little worn on one arm…this is where the girls used to sit when talking with their Dad…too bad this chair can’t talk…so many stories, ideas, reasons and that list could go on. Our sofa, well it was time to say goodbye. Never did like the color or loose pillows that needed straitened every morning. So when the new furniture was delivered, we ask to have the old furniture moved to the garage and lower level…we had to beg for this huge favor…not in their job description.

I called Furniture Bank of Ohio to inquire if they would like the furniture…and without much questioning they offered me a convenient date and time. Yes, they would carry the furniture up steps, out of the garage, not an inconvenience at all. When asked about household items, I mentioned unmatched dishes…thinking they would not have any use for incomplete sets. They explained that they had many families that would enjoy the dishes, unmatched bedding and lamps. No problem at all. Their motto: Turning Empty Houses INTO Homes!

When getting ready to list your house, the most important steps are: DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER! Furniture Bank of Ohio can help you complete this process easily while helping others.


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  1. LOL, I have a few pieces of furniture I think it’s time to part with too. i think you’ve inspired me to do a little house cleaning of my own. I’m not surprised the Furniture Bank was happy to come get the stuff. It’s sometimes easy to forget that some people are far less concerned about such things as matching sets and what-not. –Mike Woods

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