Which Comes First? Buy a Home…Buy a School?





Would you purchase a property after only viewing photos online? I am guessing not. For most families, purchasing a home is the most expensive purchase they make. Touring the property, measuring for furnishings, weighing wants, needs, and nice to have…colors, neighbors, traffic, and the list could go on and on. Request to Remedy, Warranties, Consultation with contractors…all takes time but extremely important.

Buying a School? Yes, when you purchase a property, you are in many ways also buying a school system…even if you don’t have or plan to have children, schools are a key factor in resale. Buyer beware…don’t buy online. Do take the time to visit, tour, and/or interview staff? Looking at the local state grade card is only one way to evaluate a school system. As a realtor, I cannot by law steer a family to a specific school system. I do encourage families to complete due diligence when deciding on areas to look for a property. After they decide where they would like to search, I make appointments to visit the schools. Most schools welcome new students with tours, interviews with parents and prospective students so families gain more information. Many times, teachers/counselors arrange for follow-up phone conferences to discuss additional questions. The home buyer soon learns much more than they can read in a “virtual backpack”. The home buyer soon realizes which districts take the extra time to provide service to parents and students.

*Tips to Increase/Maintain Your Investment:
Routine service to mechanicals, roof, and landscaping!
Support your local schools, volunteer, get involved!

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