Potential Empty Nesters…Start to Downsize during the Holidays…Central Ohio Realtor



The secret to transforming your home to a product to sell is to DECLUTTER! As I work with clients and also teach a class on downsizing, I hear over and over…”what do I do with all my stuff?”. It is interesting that some of this “unwanted stuff” was passed down through several generations and NEVER wanted by several of the new owners.

Our Two Daughters

Our Two Daughters

I must admit, it would take me months to transform my home to a product for the market. Just a year ago my “lovely daughters were sitting with me in our Florida Room…..which has a lot of “stuff” in it…and one of them asked the other, “Can you imagine cleaning this place out some day?” Please note, we all have a great sense of humor…no disrespect intended at all.

And so much of my “stuff” actually belongs to my daughters…school papers, awards, dance costumes, photos, prom dresses, doll house, books, dolls, uniforms, and as you can imagine the list goes on and on. We never want to take the time to sort through “stuff” when they are in for a visit…so someday???

During the holidays when family members are home… you might encourage the policy, No Cash and Please Carry to your Home. It is never to early to start this process.

Thank you!

Thank you!

It has been another great year and all because of referrals from amazing clients. You are my marketing plan.


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