Downsizing as easy as 1…2…3!

My MOTIVATION, Baby Boy Linley, soon to come!

My MOTIVATION, Baby Boy Linley, soon to come!

Yes, George and I are expecting our first grandchild and it is a BOY! Several new men are joining the Yanok clan so George is not alone any more. As many of you know, clients and friends, I have a full lower level with transitional and/or staging items. When I do hire a staging company for a listing, I can usually loan out items they would like to rent to my clients….just a little service that makes me different. Back to downsizing…my grandson is already doing us a favor. I am packing up items that are going to be shipped out West soon.

Andi's Rocking Chair

Andi’s Rocking Chair

Little Seat for our Little Man!

Little Seat for our Little Man!

I must admit when I first brought this chair up to the kitchen for An Annie Sloan make over, I shed a couple of tears when the music box attached to the legs played our favorite lullaby. Mike and Andi’s nursery is orange and gray…so a little gray seat cushion needed to be created.

Andi's Baby China

Andi’s Baby China

Back in the day before wipe warmers, sound monitors, and mother’s birth orders were given to the hospital, etc. , baby china was a common shower gift.
Only the BEST HIGH TOP Shoes Every Few Months for Baby ANDI!

Only the BEST HIGH TOP Shoes Every Few Months for Baby ANDI!

And it was recommended by our grandmothers, pediatricians, and shoe salespeople, learning to walk correctly could only happen if the best shoes fit perfectly. I guess a BABYMOON or PUSH GIFT would have been a better use for the money.
Andi's Baby Book

Andi’s Baby Book

I have been saving this for years…one less thing to move from our house. Actually I have George’s, Great Grandmother Schmitt’s, and my Baby Book still stored in the lower level.

Emily and I are both headed to Ca. for a baby shower late February. We have booked a couple extra days to help with the nursery…promising to Mike that everything will look “manly”.
And, I am planning a GRANDMA MOON (baby boomers, since the BABY MOON, epidural, and PUSH Gifts Were not part of our LAMAZE Class, we are entitled) with my former college roommate…..we are planning for it to be all about the Grandmas.

This is a Sales MESSAGE…Interest rates are still low…buyers…..Appraisals are going up…listings are scarce…I have several great connections in Florida and Az. if you would like to move where the climate is warmer…or downsize in OHIO and buy a small second home in the sunshine.



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4 responses to “Downsizing as easy as 1…2…3!

  1. Emma…your blog is PRECIOUS! I am so excited for you.

  2. Thank you, I do have fun with it. We need to get together.

  3. Peter Rabbit baby dishes – I too have some from my childhood!

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