HOME Inspector for a New Build? Before I List? Good Questions!

A Qualified, Honest, Experienced Home Inspector is a MUST when Buying any home and also might be helpful when getting ready to list a property. In Ohio, home inspectors do not have to be licensed! Beware! Make sure you select your home inspector from a referral from friends and/or reliable source! Select an inspector that documents findings with photos and text, is aware of today’s building and safety codes, and currently is active in today’s market. Know that an experienced inspector knows not only today’s codes but also potential problems with properties built in several different time periods. An experienced inspector also knows the language to best describe the problem to the home buyer/seller and both realtors involved in the contract. Common question I get, “Who pays for the HOME Inspection?”
The buyer pays for the inspection which should include, general home inspection, termite, and radon.

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Buyers often hire a home inspector for a new build for several reasons. A reputable builder will offer several warranties with the property and also come back at the end of the first year for any concerns…nail pops, tape in drywall showing, other signs of the property settling during that first year. I have experienced several builders that have been in business for many years, come back after several years for problems that were possibly caused by construction. (This could be another blog topic…selecting a builder.) This type of service is probably one of the reasons they are still in business.

As my mother would say, “Don’t Make a Mountain out of a Mole Hill”. When you are getting ready to list your house, you might want to hire a home inspector to point out potential concerns. This will give you time to properly repair the items on the report. KEEP all receipts with contact information of the contractors you may hire. This will part of your listing information.


Just sold MY LAST listing. Now is the time to List Your Property! Competition is low and appraisals are higher.
I will soon have a listing on North Star and on McCoy in Upper Arlington. I don’t expect them to last long.

Still “sitting on the nest” ready to fly WEST to meet our FIRST GRANDSON!


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