Tips For Having a Smooth Closing


Tips For Having a Smooth Closing – Ensuring you have a smooth closing is a piece of cake as long as you follow these 6 simple tips.

  1. Ask Questions

Make sure that nothing will be a surprise at the closing table. The last thing you need is for a problem to arise right as you think you have the keys to your dream home. Make sure you’re talking to the people representing you a week before closing and let them know you’d like a few minutes to talk about what you should expect so you’re not blindsided.


  1. Review Your Loan Documents in Advance

This is a great idea because it will help ensure everything will go as planned at closing. You should have everything you need to sign before you sign it. Reading all of these documents ahead of time will let you know exactly what you’re signing and really give you time to ask more questions if need be.


  1. Mistakes Can Be Fatal to Closing

Make sure you are communicating 100% with your representative about what you need to have available. If you are missing one document, it could mean the end of your loan. Double check numbers and make sure you have the correct amount of each document, as well as having every individual document.


  1. Take a Check

Referring to tip number 2, reviewing the documents ahead of time can also let you know just how much you need to bring to closing. A certified check at closing is almost always necessary. Using any other form could delay the process or even cause the loan to fall through.


  1. Take the Day Off

Although a smooth closing can take less than 30 minutes, that’s not a for sure thing. Take the day off and allow yourself to completely focus on the transaction at hand. Buying this home is a huge step for you; it deserves your undivided attention. Not only that buying the home is a huge step, it will ensure you’re paying attention so you can quickly react rather than worrying about being back into work.


  1. Expect the Unexpected

All you need to do is sign at the closing table, but what about that typo? Having the documents in advance can also ensure this won’t be a problem at the closing table, but things happen. For safe measure, don’t wait until the last day on the contract to close, you may need the extra time.


Were these tips helpful? Let us know in the comments below!


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