Almost Time…The BEST Prices for Flowers in Central OHIO Area

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A little Early but almost TIME.  I always buy my ferns and annuals  at MARC’s Grocery.  WHY?  The prices and quality are amazing.  This photo is from last year as it is still a little early.  As soon as I heard the news that they had their flowers for sale, I stopped by yesterday to buy some Ferns and Potted Annuals to dress up a new listing.  I use my pots and often divide the plants to create different combinations and they look great for the summer.  Get your ideas from some of the popular nurseries, go to MARC’s and then home to create.

MARCS  Located on Huber Ridge in Westerville and Reed Rd. in Upper Arlington.  They deliver new varieties every morning…even Sat.

Showings are becoming OPEN HOUSES.  They are so crowded on the first few days.  My buyers made an offer on a property that has one of the most clever kitchen updates I have seen.  I finally got a photo of the kitchen when other buyers and realtors cleared out.  This is a 1,534 square house…owners have take some walls out, used some repurposed wood, moved cabinets, installed glass fronts on existing cabinets.


Loving WHAT I do…


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