10 Ways To Prepare For Summer Break

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10 Ways To Prepare For Summer Break – Summer break is approaching fast. Are you and your home ready for the intense heat, whirlwind of activity, and impending vacation plans? Here are a few tips prepare for a wonderful summer, with a little more organization and planning.

  1. Mark your calendar: Before summer even starts, grab your calendar and write down every birthday, BBQ, wedding, and significant happening that you are already aware of so that you have no unwelcome surprises. This way you can easily schedule new activities as opportunities approach.
  1. Plan a vacation: When it comes to planning a vacation, do it earlier rather than later to get the best deals on rentals and activities and to ensure you get all the details down. Things to consider when planning: Who will watch your home and pets? How much should you budget for food? Luckily, listplanit.com has every kind of list you need to plan a successful holiday away.
  1. Sign up for camps: If you have children attending summer camps, it is best to register them as early as possible to guarantee them a spot. Research the best camp for your child’s age and interests to maximize their experience.
  1. Give your appliances a tune-up: The heat is coming! Clear your air conditioner of dead leaves or brush that may be blocking the vents. Additionally, change filters in your AC and refrigerator to ensure their utmost efficiency.
  1. Update bedding and curtains: Pack up heavy blankets and curtains that were well suited for winter months. Brighten your home with cotton cloths of summer colors and lighter materials for a cheerful atmosphere.
  1. Clean out your closets: Pull all winter clothing and accessories out of your closets and assess the situation. What can you pack up until next winter? What can you give to your local donation center? Make a few swift decisions; dry clean what you must, and pack up winter clothing until the cold comes again. Hang up your summer clothes with a few light jackets and you’ll be set for the warmer days!
  1. Upgrade the lawn: Give your lawn a fresh look by picking up fallen branches and sweeping up dead leaves that have accumulated over the summer. If some grass has died, reseed early, so that your yard will be green and ready for summer fun.
  1. De-clutter the gutters: It is important to clear your gutters of debris and dirt so that they work well for the summer and to prevent damage to your home, foundation, and landscaping. You can hire someone to do this, or even do it yourself to save a few bucks.
  1. Stock up on warm weather goodies: As the sunshine grows brighter, stores will be breaking out the summer necessities for hot temperatures. Take the time now to stock up on sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, Band-Aids and more to save you time later.
  1. Get ready to party: Prepare your patio or porch for impromptu summer parties. Hose off winter mud and put snow shovels, sleds, boots away. Load up on charcoal, matches, paper plates, and other necessities so you are prepared for a good grill out with friends and family.

These simple tasks can lighten your home, freshen your yard, and improve your mood. Preparing now for summer festivities will not only save you peace of mind, but also allow you to anticipate the fun that is to come.

Check out Realty Times, The Wire, and List Plan It for more tips.


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