Experience is the Best Teacher in Downsizing…Free event The UPSIDE of DOWNSIZING!

One of my Teachers in Downsizing...several moves and LOTS of Stuff!

One of my Teachers in Downsizing…several moves and LOTS of Stuff!

In the last few years I have helped several families downsize.  Helping, supporting, listening, sometimes even a few tears, but finally experiencing happiness and relief are some of the emotions I have shared with my clients.  Yes, I do feel like I am learning as I help each real estate client but I think working with my brother to help my 92 year old mother go through the process has been the best teacher.  She moved from a large home to a smaller retirement home, to assisted living…and through the entire process we shared so many memories, ups and downs, and laughter!  On days when we were tired and/or frustrated, we would just remember how many times our parents helped move us to dorms, apartments, and our homes.

I have learned there are several myths about Downsizing…Some younger couples want to Downsize.  “I feel like our stuff is weighing us down.”  “I have no room and I don’t want to continue to move my Heirloom china that my great grandmother handed down to my mother that she never used but just couldn’t get rid of…and the stories go on.”   ” Will my children want to come home for the holidays if I don’t have a large dining room?”

Memories…how do I part with my things that my children don’t want?  I just saw an idea where a baby boomer took one plate from her grandmother’s china, framed it, and gave as a gift to each child.  Interesting idea!

Mark your Calendars for an EVENT Sponsored by the City of Westerville, The Huntington Bank, Title First, and Emma Yanok…that would be ME,  at the Community Center.  September 11, 2015 from 12:30-2:30.  FREE Lunch and An Opportunity to meet Numerous People that you might want to select to help you through the process and/or to help you learn more information to make a very important decision.  The even is free but you must register at The Westerville Community Center.  You can register online or in person.  Contact me for further information.  I have had great participation in teaching a Downsizing class for the last few years at the Community Center,  so this year with the help of several local companies and The City of Westerville we are busy organizing this new annual program for anyone interested.





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