TIPS and Good REASONS to go to the Springfield Flea Market and Extravaganza , Country Living Fair and Northern Illinois…What a WEEKEND

Rules to follow:

WEAR VERY Comfortable Shoes and take Water!  YOU will be walking with frequent stops!  This is an exercise you must be trained for.

Blog 12

This Column is one of my first purchases at my first Springfield adventure.  My neighbor and still one of my favorite Shopping Partners trained me for the first years to come prepared!   She suggested a plastic lined cart, knew where every rest room was, convinced me I needed nutritious snacks for this workout, pointed out the best parking places, and the list could go on.  AND yes, I carried this column around most of the morning.

blog 8

You must bring an imagination!  Some good junk that I have collected that is a “priceless” $5 -$10 at the most!   Could be some locks/keys from a Castle?

b2 bbbb

Must look for collections…over time.  Part of the fun is finding one more to add to my collection.  I think my collection started with a pitcher that belonged to my Grandma Schauseil….I used to love go on treasure hunts in her house…and still have some of my finds.   I have picked up so many silver teapots, pitchers, etc.  Together they are handy for any season.


Old luggage and boxes…always useful in any season.  Start your collection!

blog 10

Found this treasure last year…an old REAL ESTATE Sign…in a basket of $2.00 finds!

blog 13 Blog 2

Chicken feeder on the on top and pig feeder on the bottom… many uses!  IMAGINATION!

Blog 1

Player piano music…so many uses.  $3.00 a roll in a basket at one booth.  Wall paper, wrapping paper, and the list could go on.

Blog 3

Carried this little cabinet around one year too…..inside a collection of old pottery from my Grandma Kay and pieces added over the years…Bright green flowers…my favorite color.

blog 7

I have spray painted this architectural find many colors in the last few years…old books, filing boxes…great finds!

Blog 5

Wire box…some type of cage…but cages some star fish now.

Since those beginning years there have been some improvements.  Love hunting with my sister-in-law as she sees the potential value and use of good junk!  Also enjoy the fact she brings my brother who delivers merchandise to their motor home as we proceed our exploration.

And we are not going to miss out on Country Living Fair Comes to Columbus!


Full Size


AND TIME OUT to REST …Family Tradition in B DECK!

OSU VS Northern Illinois  

Look for this years finds after I find some treasures….









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