Mothers of Daughters…It only gets better every year!

Distance Learning...Loving it with this Teacher!

Just reading a Facebook Posting of one of my former clients…new mother… who is dreading going back to work this coming week.  She is one lucky girl as she has both grandmothers in town to make sure her little baby girl is safe and loved!  I was trying to remember how difficult that same scenario was for me back in 1981 with no grandmothers in town.  One of the best perks of teaching was getting wonderful advice from parents of amazing children.  “Emma, this is the easy time of parenting!  You still have control and all they need is loved, changed, fed, and good sleep!  Of course I wasn’t sure this was true.   Back to my story, I shared being a mother of daughters only gets better each year.

I am headed to visit Emily, the youngest Yanok daughter, and I know I will spend a weekend doing my favorite things with lots of laughing in between.  She knows exactly what I like, and I will just tag along with one of my best friends!

4 women and a baby

And even though that little girl who was born in 1981 lives far away in Ca. with an amazing husband and little boy, I usually take a little break mid morning to read to Eli, catch up on Andi’s stories, as we watch Eli’s first.  I love listening to her experiences as a mother….I know I am very biased but she is a wonderful mother, so relaxed and easy going…must get that from her father.  Yesterday, I got to watch Eli roll over and listen to his little belly laugh when his father was tickling him.  My neighbors may be concerned about my sanity when they see me walking outside with my phone talking to the birdies in the trees…how else can I keep Eli’s attention.  Who else is entertained by my bird sounds?

I love the photo of three generations above.  I call this Four Women and a Baby!

ENJOY your Weekend!


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