Fall Decorating…Easy as looking around the yard and garage!


I decided not to purchase mums this year…always like to do something different.  Or as George describes I threw together some JUNK on the front porch??


Moved my ferns from my garden to the front porch, kept the flowers that have been on the front porch all summer and collected some different types of pumpkins…and added some Junk from the garage that “someone” has been wanting to throw away.


A lantern that is sitting on an old tin bucket, fun pumpkins and one of my favorite stands….wood fire starter ($5.99 at your local grocery)  that I use for height in holiday deco.  I bought my pumpkins from a farm stand a few miles South of Columbus…much better selection and MUCH better price than I have seen around our city.


I did make it to the Country Living Fair…so much good junk to be seen!


Don’t know why but I brought this home, but love my new pot for a fern I brought in from our deck and I just thought we needed this turkey.  You know you have a lot of junk when you pass many booths and don’t even have the urge to buy something….I did find a few Christmas gifts…hoping I remember where I put them come December.


I didn’t make it to one on my favorite events…The Springfield Extravaganza.  And guess why I wasn’t the least bit disappointed…I spent the day with my grandson, Eli and his mother, Andi.  This photo is one of my favorite.  I had just finished giving him a bath.  And of course Grandma had fluffy, warm towels, straight from the dryer to cuddle this little boy.


The UPSIDE of Downsizing Event was a success!  So many folks shared “downsizing stories” and I have an expanded  list of places to get rid of stuff.  Again, most of the questions/concerns were what to do with stuff that your family doesn’t want.  My list is made of local places….Columbus, Ohio area.  Let me know if you would like for me to email the list to you.

Appraisals are going up and the interest rate is still relatively low.  Great time to SELL and BUY.

Enjoy the first week of FALL!


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