Add Value to Your Property!

agentwebsitephotos 024Easy ways to increase the value of your property.  SUPPORT your Schools!  BRAG about your Community!  SUPPORT Businesses!

Short Lecture for Property Owners

Two recent stories I want to share with you.  Last week, I had the pleasure of providing a couple relocating to Ohio a tour of our city and suburbs.  They have a first grader and a fourth grader.  As a former public school teacher, I was excited when they shared they wanted to shop school districts first and then find a house.  We spend most of one day interviewing faculty and administrators in three school districts.  They had done their homework…so many excellent  questions!   Each school we visited had an observable difference in parental and community involvement when programs, technology,  and equipment were discussed.  And the lesson learned from this story, they are looking for a house in the school district that they felt could offer their children the most opportunities.  Support your local schools and share positive stories about the students and teachers and you will be increasing the value of your property.


Last night I went out to dinner in Uptown Westerville, Ohio.  The sidewalks and streets were busy with people passing by as I ate in one of our several new restaurants.  Some shops were still open in the early evening hours.  I have lived in the area for over 30 years and I have watched our Uptown Area when the streets were empty …not a great place to take clients looking for a place to purchase a home.  So different now as the Uptown area is bustling with families.  Support local businesses is another way to increase the value of your property.



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