The LIFE of a REALTOR…and I have a new listing with ?

 So many amazing people…I have met the most interesting people in my Real Estate Career from literally all over the world.  From former students from my teaching career, to friends of friends, to folks relocating to Central Ohio for business and industry, to Downsizers from here and afar, to Ohio State University Applicants, Candidates and their spouses and the list could go on and on.

I love the stories I hear in my car…families, education, careers, research projects, new businesses in town, customs and cultural differences…

Actually sitting at my computer doing the house hunting, marketing, corresponding with lenders, title companies is very necessary but definitely not my favorite part of my day.  I do love people!


  I just listed a house with an author…didn’t know that fact until we reached the third floor of her German Village property.  I had noticed some books on the table on the first floor…all written by the same author…wondering why would one buy so many of the same book?  (a teacher for a classroom…gifts for a holidays…book club)

writer6So a desk, comfortable chair by a large window in a long room with a peaked ceiling…and then I noticed the evidence!  One side of the ceiling was painted with chalk board paint all the way across the room.  Words, phrases, sentences were written on the space.  She explained that this was her storyboard for her 6th book in a series.   So I begin asking her so many questions and I soon learned that she had this passion for writing when she was 9 years old.  I must say, I have never personally met a published writer in her home.   I always have my sellers write a short story about why they have enjoyed their home.  I frame the “Love Story” and place it in the kitchen of the property.  The letter includes memories, conveniences of the location, and so on.  My new seller sent me the “Love Story” for her  property yesterday.  After reading her letter,  I am in love with this fantastic property today.

All of my listings are SOLD!  I will have 2 new listings next week but I am certainly looking for listings.  NOW is the time.  Appraisals are higher and the interest rate is still low enough to help buyers make a move.  The biggest problem in the market is lack of inventory.  Competition for SOLD signs is the lowest I have seen in 12 years.  Make Your Move.  The low-cost of living, excellent public schools, shopping, restaurants and traffic in Columbus, Ohio is no longer a secret.


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