We have lived in Westerville since 1978.  Why Westerville?  I am from a very small town in Southern Ohio with a population of 5000 (Waverly) where everyone knew your name and George is from Canton, Ohio and spent many years in Cleveland.  In 1978, Westerville was a small town but close to Columbus so…a compromise was made.  So much has changed in our UPTOWN area.  As our girls were growing up, they loved going to Calico Cupboard to get supplies for projects and/or take a class, stop by Schneider’s Bakery for cutout cookies, and the last stop was to get a coke at the bar of Cockerell’s….where Grater’s is now.  We enjoyed taking them to Otterbein College (now Otterbein University) for concerts and plays.  In fact Andi had a small part in an Otterbein production, Heidi when she was in fourth grade.  As time passed, The UPTOWN area was not a destination for us anymore as there were many empty store fronts, etc.  Westerville 5


Things have certainly changed in the last few years.  Schneider’s is still here and although we are still the home of the Women’s Temperance League, adult beverages are in town which helps to bring some new restaurants, and several great shops……and the newest addition that I am waiting for is the grand opening of Whit’s Frozen Custard which is coming to Uptown.   Rich custard ice cream with so much flavor!  I was introduced to Whit’s in my hometown, Waverly, when taking my mother for a ride…and now it is our routine stop.  If you haven’t taken a walk down State Street lately, I encourage you to see our UPTOWN area.  So close, so safe….Grandview and the Short North…Westerville is your next stop.

Support our Local Businesses, Have Fun,  and Increase the Value of your PROPERTY!


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