Happy Memories New and Old Make a Property a HOME

andi and Emily

Just a few years ago in our kitchen at 1151 Forest Rise Drive many traditions were created.  (1978-1994)   Each Halloween, George helped the girls carve their pumpkins…always reminding them to make sure to clean out all of the inside of the pumpkin.  After we moved on to the property we live in now, the girls would “tear up” when we passed our former home.  As time went on,  traditions were continued and new ones were made…the girls soon knew our new property as their home.  Moving on even if it is the best move possible can be stressful…actually any change no matter what your age or stage of life.  I always remind relos from another part of the country or even world, downsizers or newlyweds…feeling some stress with change is very normal.


The latest addition to our family, Eli Joseph Linley….and you can imagine how happy George and I were to wake up this morning with the next photo…

Eli Pumpkin

Some of the same traditions created at 1152 Forest Rise Drive….moved to Elk Grove, Ca.

A property and a HOME = two very different things!

A HOME and a property to sell (product) = two very different things!

Happy Halloween!




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