More Information Than YOU Ask from your REALTOR…All in a Day’s Work

talk4 women and a baby

Family experiences including helping my mother downsize several times, moving a daughter across country, moving daughters from suburbs to city….and the list could go on has helped me to learn so much.  Two degrees in Family and Consumer Sciences specializing in Child Development helped me to build another perspective.  And then of course students and parents from my first career of teaching and clients from all over the world including many OHIO State Recruits from far away have helped me continue to learn more about all types of families and the life cycle.  I must add,  I love people which is why I truly enjoy being a REALTOR.

I must disclose that I must be very careful when I give advice…practicing ethical behavior is so critical when providing information to clients.  I offer information and they must make their own choices using critical thinking.

In my car… much talking!  Below is a short list of information that I often hear myself repeating:

  • The best way to learn about a school is to check out all the facts on the internet but then visit the school.  If the school is too busy to arrange a time for your tour….that is a message.
  • If you have realistic expectations for your child,  don’t “cripple” them by doing their work and/or making excuses for them, let them solve their own problems with your guidance, and model that you value education, your children will do well in almost any school districts.
  • If a couple is reluctant to downsize only because their children come home twice a year for holiday dinners, think of some easy alternative plans.  Move some furniture in your smaller home so you can put together some temporary tables for the holidays.  Grandchildren may enjoy a sleepover at Grandma’s.   Your children may learn to enjoy making the new traditions or start their own and include the rest of the family.
  • If your own children don’t want Great Grandmother’s china, why would anyone else pay top dollar???
  • Location, location, location…so true
  • Please don’t apologize to me because we have looked at so many properties.  I may have another client that just may love one of these properties.  You are helping me increase my “Intellectual Properties”.
  • Sometimes you have to look at several properties to learn what you don’t want.
  • Stay in your budget….and then I describe what “house poor” may feel like to a family.  Don’t deprive your children of vacations and times together…they grow up and you can’t go back in time.
  • A large lot is nice but once your children reach a certain age, they will want to play a sport or activity with other teammates and friends at a school or park.

My list could go on and on…Love providing service to my clients and love to continue learning.



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One response to “More Information Than YOU Ask from your REALTOR…All in a Day’s Work

  1. sheila

    emma – you should write a book. you are so wise..

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